An unique angle

La Petite Réserve is a concentrate of our lighthearted Belgian spirit mixed with a touch of avant-garde boldness and extravagance.

The genesis

La Petite Réserve was created by long time friends, François-Xavier Delahaut and Roy de Marco. As young beer and gastronomy passionates, they created a beer that is combination of both. Those creations represent their vision of a 21st century beer : authentic and refined but with a subtile touch of boldness and audacity.

La Petite Réserve is an artisanal Belgian ale brewed with a perfect knowledge of traditional brewing techniques associated with modern technologies and a selection of local ingredients of the highest quality. It’s a palette of new flavors in the Belgian beer and an unique packaging. The result is a gourmet beer for the modern consumer looking for new experiences.

First released in November 2017 at the “Réserve Royale Flagship Store” of Galerie de la Reine in Brussels (close to the world-famous Brussels’ Grand Place and part of Galeries Royales Saint Hubert, Galerie de la Reine is one of the oldest and most prestigious glazed shopping arcade of Europe. It has been inaugurated in 1847 by King Leopold and his two sons). La Petite Réserve has been very quickly served in many Belgian Embassies as a proud representative of Belgian beer but also sought after by many chefs and bartenders.

The background

La Petite Réserve was born as the little sister of multi-awarded Belgian beer “Réserve Royale”. It was created with the same spirit and vision : the will to break the established standards in the Belgian beer industry.

What is “Réserve Royale” ?

– Launched with the idea of breaking the standards in the beer industry
– Debuted in December 2015 by François-Xavier Delahaut and Roy de Marco
– Bottled in a clear champagne bottle with 18k gold printings
– Gold Medal at World Beer Awards 2016 “Best Belgian Blonde beer
– Exclusive beer partner of the 10 year anniversary event of Dinner in the Sky with 30 Michelin starred chefs (2017 edition here :
– Partner of several prestigious events and institutions : Tram Experience, Beaux-Arts, Bozar, Mudam, …
– Served in several Belgian Embassies throughout the World (Stockholm, Beijing, Sofia, Vienna, …)
– Featured in tens of national and international medias
– Most innovative beer of the year, awarded by a packaging award by Sparflex

Brewed in Belgium

Beer is the oldest, most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. After water and tea, it is the third most popular drink overall. As a result, most people think of beer as something very ordinary. Our aim is to change people’s perception of beer. La Petite Réserve is our vision of a beer for the 21st century.

The creators worked closely with renowned Master-Brewer Pieter de Bock to create their perfect recipes. La Petite Réserve is brewed in the Limburg region (in Belgium) with a perfect knowledge of traditional brewing techniques associated with modern technologies and a selection of local ingredients of the highest quality.