In 2019, La Petite Réserve has been once again the beer partner of Dinner in the Sky Belgium. Dinner in the Sky is a Belgian concept that Forbes magazine called one of the world’s ten most unusual restaurants. What a high-end experience on board during 10 Days with 15 Michelin Stars Chefs and more than 2.000 happy guests!

After a world tour (Sydney, Toronto, Rio, Monaco, Paris,…) accompanied by the best chefs on the planet. Dinner in the Sky has taken over the sky of Antwerp & Brussels for its 13th time.

Each day the chefs have treated their guests to a 5 courses lunch and 5 courses dinners. A magical event that guests are not about to forget…

And this year, once again, Dinner in the Sky kept all of its promises ! La Petite Réserve was happy to be part of the 2019 edition of Dinner in the Sky which has taken place in Antwerp from the 3rd to 9th June 2019 and in Brussels from 13th to 23th June 2019. In both case, the magic has taken place on the water: the Dinner in the Sky tables has been put on the  Bocadero Waagnatie just front of the Antwerp port and on the canal in Brussels. Literally. Guests has been greeted « on the water » at the foot of the Quai Beco. A surreal introduction to say the least, before dinner which happened at 50 metres up in the air.

 The whole La Petite Réserve team was happy to make this event sparkle again !

An hour and a half of gastronomic delight with a 5-course menu prepared and served by a starred chef and a unique view on the Port of Brussels, Tour and Taxis, the future Kanal Pompidou Museum… ! Guests had the chance to share this magical moment with one of the the most renowned Brussels’ chefs among which :